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VERDENOVO is the most recent album by guitar player Edu Negrão. The album completes a trilogy which began in 2002 and puts his musical career and devotion to music into perspective, expressed in the beautiful songs he writes and in his passion for the guitar.

Edu Negrão is a restless musician who is constantly moving around. He has lived in Rome, Italy, Boston, USA, and spends his time in Brazil in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


Whenever classifications are necessary, and only in order not to limit the scope of his creation to a certain genre or style,

Edu likes to refer to his work as Contemporary Instrumental Music. Edu’s production is music, in is broadest possible meaning. Edu has full domain of the technique and available means to express his art, without ever becoming an exhibitionist. As a composer, Edu’s compositions stand out for their careful melodic construction and for the precise use of the notes, thereby emphasizing their beauty solely through the necessary movements. Apparently simple and unpretentious harmonies are actually complex and original, working for the essence that a song can offer.      


VERDENOVO has twelve instrumental songs written by Edu and performed by a jazz quintet (guitar, bass, drums, piano and sax). However, there is also room for important instruments in Brazilian popular music, such as the accordion, mandolin, flute, acoustic guitar and percussion and regional batuque. Nevertheless, Edu’s compositions also provide room for classic jazz metals such as tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, as well as for more erudite and acoustic instruments such as the clarinet, oboe, bass clarinet and cello.


Above all, Edu writes extremely pleasant, audible and good music. Edu easily includes bossa nova, samba, afoxé, choro with a touch of jazz, bolero and tango in contemporary arrangements which open new perspectives on our Latin origin, not to mention his almost Italian romantic ballads. He not only manages to do it, but everything sounds so organic, mellow, spontaneous and beautiful. Songs such as Na Glória, Se Eu Partir, Lenço de Papel, Sempre se Diz Adeus, Pacaembú, Villa

Borghese, and all others chosen for this album are extremely emotional and have the above mentioned qualities in a brilliant background of relaxation, interaction and freedom.


Edu Negrão found in musician and conductor Yuri Popoff a great partner for his journey. Yuri has been the musical director, arranger and conductor of the musicians that took part in the recordings since Edu’s first album. Under Yuri’s baton, Edu Negrão released his debut album Tempo Bom in 2002, followed by Vem Ver in 2005, and now he brings Verdenovo. The titles of the three albums are in honor of the blue sky of Belo Horizonte, the golden sand of Rio de Janeiro and the deep green of the Serra do Mar (a forest located in the State of São Paulo), respectively. Edu intends to soon release a box-set with this blue, yellow and green trilogy.